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Qianwei third ring paper mill in Sichuan Province: optimizing the ecology and adding up

stratolaunch completed an independent approach to Qianwei third ring paper mill. A large-scale wastewater treatment station came into view. In three circulation tanks of more than 100 square meters, clear water flows slowly along different waterways

waste water can be discharged up to standard after going through these specially built waterways and taking a bath in and out of several equipment. According to the management personnel of the plant, the wastewater is quietly purified when it is invisible to the naked eye. The daily treatment capacity of this sewage treatment system is 10000 cubic meters

the original wastewater treatment facilities are relatively simple, and the total pollution load of wastewater discharge is relatively high. Considering the long-term development of the enterprise and the needs of developing circular economy, promoting cleaner production, and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, the factory invested 10million yuan to implement the technical transformation of wastewater treatment. Although the investment is high, it saves energy for the enterprise and fills the gaps between the experimental machine and the ground. Wuxi, the director of the plant, told that after the implementation of the technical transformation, the plant recycled about 4470 tons of white water every day for the convenience of sample replacement and surface inspection, and the reuse rate reached 100%; The daily wastewater discharge is reduced by 2588 tons, and the current annual discharge is reduced by about 879920 tons. This alone will reduce the water and energy consumption by 1.7 million tons and save nearly 6million yuan for enterprises every year

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