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The market share of Siemens' enterprise communications has increased significantly. Ctiforum on July 3 (Yang Yi): in July 2012, as the leading supplier of enterprise communications solutions, Siemens' enterprise communications announced that it has gained more market share worldwide (based on the reports of two authoritative industry analysis companies), while the market share of other major suppliers has decreased relatively. Siemens enterprise communications focuses on customers and provides real unified communication solutions to meet many critical customer business needs. It has grown significantly in major product lines and has a strong momentum of development

according to the enterprise communication report of the first quarter of 2012 released by the market research company Dell Oro group, the voice platform of Siemens enterprise communication, such as openscape voice, has maintained growth for two consecutive quarters, seizing the new global enterprise voice market share, while the sales revenue of its main competitors has continued to decline. According to the report, based on the sales revenue in the first quarter of 2012, Siemens enterprise communications has risen from the third place to the second place in the industry. Moreover, the market share calculated by the number of outgoing buses also exceeded that of the previous quarter

British Telecom - tianhuafeng, Associate Professor/doctor of School of materials and mechanical engineering, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, and MZA, a technology research company, also pointed out in the report that Siemens' enterprise communication has a strong growth momentum in the global market. In the analysis briefing on the global wired ip/ip PBX in the first quarter of 2012, MZA pointed out that the number of Siemens enterprise communication outgoing buses increased by 23% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2012, pushing 2 The accuracy of the testing machine should be ± 1%, which has stimulated the growth of market share, while its two global competitors have declined in the same period. The report also points out that the shipment volume of Siemens' enterprise communication IP lines increased by 52% in the same period

this exciting development trend originates from the successful sales cases of a series of important customers all over the world, including both international customers, large enterprise customers and small and medium-sized enterprise customer groups developed through the reconstructed channel ecological network. While the enterprise communication needs are constantly changing and upgrading, Siemens enterprise communication has always been committed to providing customers with innovative, flexible and affordable solutions to meet their business needs

Mr. Chris Hummel, chief commercial officer of Siemens enterprise communications, said: Siemens enterprise communications focuses on the actual deployment of excellent communication solutions, thus realizing our commitment to help customers solve problems. This focus has promoted the real growth of the company's performance and put us in a good development situation in the market. These latest analysis reports once again emphasize the driving force of enterprise development, which we, customers and partners can feel every day. The reason why we can beat our competitors is that we provide a real unified communication solution that can play a practical role in the real business field through the adjustment of structural components. The next structure corresponding to the single arm structure is the portal structure. We will make full use of this momentum and continue to pay attention to the needs of current customers and the new prospects of unified communication solutions

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