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Sichuan: recovered milk dilutes the profits of the dairy industry Sichuan dairy industry strongly appeals to the government to strengthen the supervision of "recovered milk" yesterday, it was learned from the Western dairy association that the association publicly bombarded the relevant functional departments at the just concluded Western dairy development situation Conference on the weak supervision of "recovered milk"

the profit margin of dairy industry has dropped to 1-3%

"due to the continuous price war in the current dairy market, the profit margin of dairy industry has dropped to 1-3%, which is much lower than the bank interest rate. If it continues, China's dairy industry will be destroyed." Weironglu, the Secretary General of the Western Dairy Association, introduced that the average daily milk production and processing capacity of Sichuan has reached 3000 tons, but the average daily output of milk sources in Sichuan is only about 1000 tons, so the shortage of milk sources has become obvious. Some domestic enterprises are keen to fight a price war due to insufficient milk source construction. In order to reduce costs, they use a large number of reconstituted milk. In recent years, the growing import of milk powder in China is the best proof

poor implementation by functional departments

in this regard, the strong R & D strength of the Western Dairy Association said that the No. 24 document issued by the State Council office last year was the most effective measure to solve the dairy market order, revitalize the dairy industry and solve vicious competition. But recently, the enthusiasm of the relevant departments seems to be gradually cooling off. The association pointed out that the reason for the ineffective implementation of the No. 24 document of the state office lies not in the enterprises, but in the relevant government departments. It is understood that the document stipulates that since October 15, 2005, the production enterprise must use the font size not less than the product name and the font height not less than the main display on the main display surface of its product packaging. This kind of water bag can replace the plastic water cup to inspect food related products according to the food safety standards. The Chinese characters with a height of one-fifth of the surface height shall be conspicuously marked with "reconstituted milk", The proportion of reconstituted milk in raw materials shall be indicated in the product ingredient table

therefore, the Western Dairy Association calls on relevant departments and enterprises to organize the production of liquid milk in strict accordance with the standards and truthfully mark the product name. Jianqi has a very high crystallinity (45% ~ 55%). It is suggested that the national and local governments clearly stipulate that the enterprise must establish a solid milk source base before it is allowed to build a dairy processing plant

source: West China Metropolis Daily

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