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Sidel launched its first self-developed linear bottle blowing machine

at the 2005 world beverage and liquid food technology Expo (Drinktec) held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany from September 12 to 17, Sidel launched a new generation of bottle blowing machine SBO compacttm. The design output rate of sbocompacttm bottle blowing machine is below 700obph. It is a new generation of sbocompact1m excellent plastic series, such as door level product. It is also the first linear bottle blowing machine independently developed and produced by Sidel

sbocompacttm is produced by Sidel in Malaysia. The low-speed sbocompacttm series adopts a linear structure with 2 to 4 cavities, which can meet the market demand for small equipment with high cost performance. Compared with high-yield rotary equipment, linear structure equipment has simpler components and more compact fuselage

sbocompact1m is the same as other SBO equipment in Sidel. The main control part adopts pure mechanical design, which can ensure the performance and reliability of the equipment. Forward transmission under bottleneck is a major innovation of linear equipment. The use of this equipment can avoid contact with the preform bottle body and ensure higher packaging quality

based on the linear structure, the key function of the equipment is the independent and easy to disassemble modular design, which is convenient for maintenance. At the same time, the bottle blowing unit is located in the front of the fuselage. These configurations make the equipment highly flexible. Like other Yousu series equipment, compactim has a universalshell1m mold that can be quickly replaced, and most custom parts can be used with each other

sbocompact1 can reach the performance level of Yousu series. The overall utilization rate of the machine is guaranteed to be 95% and the single-mode productivity is 1600 bottles/hour. It can meet the high symptoms of Sidel packaging bottle: without the load quality standard, the scrap rate is less than 0.2%. The annual average spot prices of copper, aluminum, lead and zinc decreased by 16.8%, 10.2%, 5.5% and 4.1% respectively year-on-year. The bottle blowing machine can be connected with a small filling machine, mainly for the carbonated beverage and non aerated liquid food market. Another 3 joints can also be cut for zigzag test (ouxun)

information source: China wine drinking machinery

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