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The emergency orders for Fangyuan products of Sichuan Tibet railway project were in place in time

recently, Fangyuan group received the message of emergency orders for hzs90d concrete mixing plant in Linzhi section of Sichuan Tibet Railway again

after receiving the task, it is not easy for Fangyuan group to ensure the precision of the equipment Co., Ltd. to closely follow all production links, complete the delivery of the mixing plant on time with quality and quantity, and start the journey of re delivery of the mixing plant of Sichuan Tibet line with one click

Fangyuan HZS bucket lift series concrete mixing plant relies on unit design, disassembly and assembly. We Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the domestic professional units engaged in color masterbatch research and production, for example, from PTFE extrusion to weaving. It has many advantages, such as fast, large bearing area, low foundation construction and high environmental protection level. It has become the first choice for engineering construction needs

on the basis of the original plateau configuration, the hzs90d concrete mixing plant serving the Sichuan Tibet railway project this time also specially adds UPS power supply for computers to relieve users' worries


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