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Siemens direct drive elevator door motor system has both safety and versatility

Siemens introduced a gearless direct drive system for elevator door motor, expanding the product lineup of sidoor automatic door drive series. Sidoor ate500e is the first sidoor product to realize electronic commutation (EC, i.e. brushless DC motor) technology. The new gearless EC direct drive requires less maintenance and is more wear-resistant than direct current (DC) drives. This can not only prolong the service life of the device, but also improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Sidoor ate500e has the advantages of good damping performance, including short door opening time and acceleration up to 3000mm/s. In addition, Siemens gearless drive system has fast dynamic response, excellent operation quality, high torque, low noise and low motor heat. Due to one key debugging, sidoor ate500e can be set quickly and easily, that is, the process can be completed through self-learning. This debugging method can also help avoid incorrect settings. The motors in the drive system can be used in conjunction with elevator doors weighing up to 280 kg, and even in different directions (such as automatic doors that open vertically)

Siemens direct drive elevator door motor system has both safety and versatility.

the motor has a built-in sensor that can monitor the running state. Therefore, the gearless drive system can ensure high safety. The sidoor ate500e is also equipped with a temperature sensor to record the heat generated by the suspended steel skylight on the 218 steel skylight of the drive system, so that the motor can not only approach the thermal load limit value, but also prevent overload. In addition, the system is also equipped with a high-resolution magnetic sensor device, which can record the information about the rotation angle on May 4. In addition, the elevator door position can be measured by incremental position encoder simulation. The sidoor FOC control concept (field oriented control, i.e. vector control) helps to optimize the motor speed in the closed-loop program and also ensures high-quality control independent of the weight of the elevator door. In addition, the intelligent diagnostic device will perform automatic function detection before the start of each journey, thus improving efficiency. Proven circuit logic provides additional protection for electronic systems in the presence of external forces

sidoor ate500e is easy to install. Siemens has always focused on using innovative screwless housings to simplify the transformation process of old systems. The optional sidoor software suite can simplify the application and provide detailed parameter setting and diagnostic functions. The new gearless drive system is a universal system that can support different communication interfaces, such as can (controller area bus) or relay module

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