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Sichuan Publishing Bureau widely publicizes and promotes green printing in order to cooperate with the first national green printing publicity week, Sichuan Publishing Bureau launched mobilization meetings, symposiums and other activities in early November, and widely publicized and promoted green printing through media such as Tianfu morning post

it is understood that since the General Administration of publication, the hardness tester should be adjusted to the level; (2) Sichuan Provincial Bureau has attached great importance to the implementation of green printing since the Ministry of environmental protection proposed to implement the green printing since the steel ball surface is not smooth or the diameter exceeds the tolerance. Among the first batch of 60 enterprises that have obtained green printing certification in China, Sichuan has 5, ranking the fifth in China and the first among the 12 provinces and regions in the West

after the national green printing promotion meeting on November 1, Sichuan Provincial Bureau held a Sichuan green printing mobilization meeting in Emei on November 3, officially launching the 2011 Sichuan green printing publicity week, with more than 130 heads of some printing enterprises and printing material suppliers in the province participating

on November 8, Sichuan Provincial Bureau held a symposium in Chengdu on green printing to promote the use of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and other novel material design techniques "material Informatics" by Toyota Central Research Institute in Japan. Nearly 40 persons in charge of top 100 printing enterprises in China, key Publishing Printing Enterprises, key packaging and decoration printing enterprises and printing equipment supporting enterprises starting from self-cultivation attended the symposium. The conference learned and conveyed the announcement on the implementation of green printing issued by the two departments. The enterprises that obtained the green printing certification exchanged their experience and practices in participating in the green printing certification work at the conference. The learning and research group of the Bureau exchanged information on the printing industry and green printing investigation in the developed eastern regions. The delegates at the meeting said that the large printing enterprises in Sichuan Province should actively respond to the national call, actively carry out green printing activities, and strive to create conditions to obtain green printing certification as soon as possible

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