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Siemens' first modern tram in China will be settled in Zhengzhou

in foreign countries, trams have become very common as an important means of urban transportation. In Zhengzhou, citizens are expected to take advantage of this environmentally friendly and energy-saving means of transportation in the future. During the 2012 Henan Province undertaking the docking of industrial transfer in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei held in Beijing yesterday, Zhao Jiancai, vice governor of Henan Province, met with linzebo, vice president of Siemens in China, and his delegation. The two sides discussed the construction of Siemens' first modern tram in Zhengzhou

Siemens is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, with a history of more than 160 years. It is in the forefront of the world in industry, medicine, science and technology. You are very welcome to Henan. Zhaojiancai first welcomed linzebo and his delegation to the meeting and briefly introduced the lack of innovation ability and economic development of domestic test equipment in our province. Henan has expanded its opening-up in recent years. Under the background of the global economic crisis, China's foreign trade has shown a downward trend, but Henan has been able to rise against the trend, and the growth rate of foreign trade import and export has reached 60%. This shows that while the world is optimistic about China's investment position, it is more optimistic about the central region and Henan

linzebo also made great affirmation on the economic development of Henan. Henan plays an increasingly important role in Siemens' layout in China. On September 28 this year, Siemens signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou Municipal People's government, which further shows that Siemens puts Zhengzhou in the first place in the development of the Central Plains region

Siemens' industry is divided into four sectors: industry, energy, infrastructure and medical treatment. At present, all businesses have achieved excellent development in Zhengzhou. Among them, the measured output of the medical industry in Henan has increased by more than 30% for many consecutive years, ranking first in China in absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad. In terms of infrastructure, the first Metro in Henan Province was manufactured by Siemens and integrated with its advanced technology

after we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou, multi-directional cooperation is advancing. In addition to metro, it is currently communicating with Zhengzhou airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone, hoping to build China's first modern tram with advanced Siemens technology in the airport port. Linzebo said that the 300000 Foxconn employees in the aviation port area are the real demand. We hope to carry out technical cooperation with powerful domestic enterprises to build the first tram in Zhengzhou, especially the new energy vehicles, which have been stirred up by favorable policies time after time. It is also expected to bring in the industry in the future

zhaojiancai affirmed the project. I am very interested in trams. They are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and have large capacity. They are in line with China's national conditions and suitable for promotion in densely populated cities. Urbanization in Henan will develop rapidly in the coming period. In the past, Henan was regarded as a big agricultural province, but now it is a big industrial and consumer province. In the next step, the development direction of Henan will be driven by urbanization, and tens of millions of farmers will be transferred to cities. Now, each city is building a new urban area with relatively complete functions in the region, which is most suitable for the development of trams with large traffic volume, environmental protection, safety and convenience

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