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Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Yin Jie

began to decorate? Having seen so many decoration diaries with detailed processes, drawings and truth, have you ever thought of writing them yourself? Did you know that the decoration diary can not only satisfy your desire to express and print pictures, but also provide relevant basis for future inspection and maintenance, and also have the opportunity to win wonderful home gifts such as sofa worth 5000 yuan

from now on, this magazine and Wuhan home decoration network jointly launched the "decoration diary competition". All participants who sign up before December 31, 2011 will be shortlisted for the evaluation. We will comprehensively select the first, second and third prizes according to the richness of the post content, the number of netizens' follow-up posts, and the evaluation of the decoration scheme by professionals, and win the sofa, bucket cabinet, desk and other prizes. A really practical home gift, to "add bricks and tiles" to your new home

talk about your decoration story, share your new home decoration experience, show the beautiful picture of new home decoration, and win the luxury award! What are you waiting for? Come and dry your diary

entry method:

1 In Wuhan home decoration network forum "Nanhu teahouse"( )”Post in the "decoration diary" section of "yixiaoxing wardrobe cup decoration diary competition"

2. Please indicate your decoration style, decoration company and decoration budget in the first post

3. With the progress of decoration, update your diary in fixed posts from time to time. The content can be decoration process, experience, decoration pictures, etc

4. Contestants must be real owners and will not accept any works from decoration companies, construction teams and material suppliers

5. Entries must be original, and the first Wuhan home decoration network forum Nanhu teahouse

award setting:

first prize: 1 prize: a set of sofa worth 5000 yuan

second prize: 2 prizes: a set of bucket cabinet worth 3000 yuan

third prize: 3 prizes: a set of desk worth 1000 Yuan

participation prize: anyone who participates in this competition and meets the competition rules and does not win the above awards can get a beautiful gift

star of the month: one "star of the month" will be selected in November and December respectively, and a high-end bath towel of 100 yuan will be awarded

award criteria:

integrity (content quality and update frequency), brilliance (pictures and texts are preferred), interaction (reply to the questions of netizens in time)

description of the competition:

1 All netizens participating in the competition, please send the real name and effective contact information of the contestants to "corner Di cat" by SMS in the station for confirmation

registration deadline:

December 31, 2011


readers and netizens can log in to Wuhan home decoration network Nanhu teahouse bbs whjzw. Net, click to enter the "decoration diary" section to understand and participate in this competition, or call 4006072258 to inquire about the relevant situation

you can join Wuhan Decoration friends group (QQ group No. 64859755) to share decoration experience with "fellow Chinese" in decoration

yixiaoxing wardrobe provides free wardrobe design measurement and consulting services for participating netizens; All netizens with the ID number of the decoration diary competition can enjoy a free cash coupon of 500 yuan for the wardrobe of yixiaohang, 2000 yuan for the wardrobe to offset 100 yuan, and so on




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