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On November 22nd, 2018, the third annual event of "Yubian · Qianfeng", hosted by building materials home, was successfully held at Hilton resort on the riverside of Qiandao Lake. This annual event was jointly held with today's headlines & Tiktok jointly invited five industry leaders of building materials, 60 enterprise brands and more than 20 building materials leaders to the ceremony, and 10 mainstream media came to report. Jindi integrated stove firmly grasps the changes of the times and leads the integrated stove industry to move forward according to the situation. At this meeting, Jindi integrated stove won the "outstanding contribution award in the integrated stove industry", and Jinbo, vice chairman of Jindi integrated stove, won the title of "2018 building materials home leader", which is another powerful proof that the brand influence of Jindi integrated stove has been recognized by authority

those who govern change with time. According to the 2017 Research Report on Chinese kitchen consumption trends, young people with medium and high incomes and high degrees of education show a consumer demand for high-end quality. The driving force behind the new round of consumption upgrading is mainly the increasing wealth and income of Chinese residents and the upgrading of consumption preferences. In the next five years, the average annual compound growth rate of the kitchen electrical industry will exceed 15%, showing a trend of high-end technology and product diversification

in fact, Jindi integrated stove has been deeply rooted in the high-end market since the beginning of brand establishment, in order to effectively solve users' pain points and demand for high quality. Jindi integrated stove redefines the concept of kitchen life with exquisite technology and original design. As the pioneer and founder of side suction integrated stove, Jindi integrated stove once led the industry trend of integrated stove after the first integrated stove x900b was launched in 2008. A900 Targa integrated cooker launched in 2016 redefined the vision of the integrated cooker with its unique geometric interleaved architecture, and won national appearance patent, Red Star Award, German if award and other awards. In 2018, Jindi integrated stove revolutionized the four functions of range hood, gas stove, steaming and baking, and oven, and developed an integrated cooker for steaming and baking, once again leading the industry

wise men go against the wind. With the rapid popularization of artificial intelligence and Internet applications, the attributes of traditional manufacturing products have been changed. While comprehensively improving the competitiveness of products, Jindi integrated stove integrates with the times, changes its own development pattern, and keeps its products, brands, and business systems in line with the times. It vigorously implements the strategy of intelligence + high-end + integration. In 2018 alone, Jindi won many awards in the integrated stove industry, such as "top ten influential brands of integrated cookers", "top ten brands loved by consumers", "influential brands in the integrated stove industry in 2018", and "the main drafting unit of the group standard of integrated cookers". Jindi integrated stove won the special award of integrated stove industry - "industry outstanding contribution award" at the industry grand ceremony, which is well deserved

up to now, Jindi integrated stove has more than 2000 offline stores, and is expanding. Its unique technical advantages, excellent performance and perfect service have been recognized by the majority of users. In 2018, with the tide of consumption upgrading, taking users as the center, improving users' cooking experience and improving the kitchen and home environment are the main development direction of Jindi integrated stove in the future

in the face of an era of rapid change, only by controlling changes due to time and moving forward against the wind, and grasping the changes of the current situation can we lead the way forward for the whole industry. Over the years, Kingdee has attached great importance to the development and application in the field of integrated stoves, from creating high-quality, fashionable and high-end intelligent integrated stoves for users across the country to leading the development of the industry with "integrated, high-end and intelligent" solutions, and becoming an enterprise that realizes co creation and win-win value with the industry. In the future, Jindi integrated stove will join hands with the industry to comprehensively implement a better life of smart quality




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