Simple and pure Fengyou, 80000 Yuan decoration, 11

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Preface: Although the common decoration is tired and busy, when such a beautiful home is presented, is all the hard work gone

netizen's comments: I believe that all students are like me. No matter how hard the decoration is, when I see my home is so perfect, I think all the hard work is worth it

building area: 110 square meters

room type: two rooms and one living room

overall style: modern simplicity

Designer: Tang Linping

decoration company: oubao decoration

commencement date: February 27, 2008

estimated construction period: two and a half months

overall budget: 80000 (excluding electrical appliances)

after choosing oubao decoration company, everything is going on in full swing. The designers' opinions are very professional, but we also added some of our own ideas





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