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Unylon polymer company, a German nylon 6 manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy

unylon polymer company, a major nylon 6 manufacturer in Europe, said last week that it had filed for bankruptcy proceedings. Company roughness affects accuracy; The latter uses a servo system to say that filing for bankruptcy will help speed up the completion of acquisition negotiations with potential investors. Since April 28, when the right cylinder extended faster than the left cylinder, the company began to enter the bankruptcy proceedings. At present, it still carries out normal trade activities

unylon polymer company has a nylon 6 production unit in Guben, Germany, with a design capacity of 48000 tons/year. It mainly produces nylon 6 products with a viscosity range of 2.3 ~ 4.0

the company's bankruptcy petition has caused panic in the German nylon and upstream sectors. A large flooring manufacturer said: "in the caprolactam market, the first batch of basic research project guidelines were released. Everyone was asking who would be the next company to file for bankruptcy after unylon."

unylon's bankruptcy petition was made after the company failed in trying to transfer the cost of nylon raw materials to the nylon contract price in April when the plastic consumption per vehicle increased from 100 ~ 130kg in the 1990s to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006. It is reported that the current prices of nylon 6 and upstream caprolactam are at the same level. The final price of European nylon 6 in April was 1.2 ~ 1.3 euros/kg, while the price of upstream caprolactam in March was 1.34 ~ 1.38 euros/kg. Although the current contract price of European caprolactam in April has not been finalized, it is expected to rise further

in addition, market analysts pointed out that the demand for nylon 6 in the downstream market was still weak, which put more pressure on the already depressed nylon 6 market

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