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The domestic underwater glider was first used in the Arctic scientific research. The "Xuelong" of China's ninth Arctic scientific investigation team successfully deployed the "Haiyi" underwater glider independently developed by China in the high seas of the Bering Sea on July 28. This is the first time that an underwater glider independently developed by China has been deployed in the Bering Sea, and it is also the first time that it has been applied to China's Arctic scientific research

at 5:23 on the 28th Beijing time, the members of the investigation team slowly sent the "Haiyi" underwater glider into the sea. After successfully entering the sea, "Haiyi" began to carry out profile observation of the sea area

underwater glider is a new concept underwater robot. It can glide in the water and collect water information by adjusting its own buoyancy and posture. It has the advantages of high energy efficiency and low noise, and can carry out large-scale and long-term continuous marine environment observation. The "Haiyi" underwater glider used by the investigation team was independently developed by Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors of the investigation team gb17565 (1) 998 member table issued the China Industrial Green Development Report (2017), which shows that the deployment of underwater gliders is mainly used to measure the temperature, salinity and depth of the ocean. Its running track is similar to a large "V" character, which will rise after falling to 1000 meters below the sea surface. It can observe the ocean profile from the surface to km depth, and transmit the relevant observation data back to China

it is reported that the "Haiyi" Underwater Glider will sail in the high seas of the Bering Sea according to the trajectory set during the tensile test. It is planned to recover the underwater glider during the return trip of the scientific research. It is expected that its range will exceed 1111 kilometers and it can complete about 300 profile observation tasks

weizexun, chief scientist of the Arctic scientific expedition, said that the Bering Sea is the only way to exchange seawater between the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The deployment of Underwater Gliders in the high seas of the Bering Sea will be of great significance to the study of the dynamic environment and hydrological structure of the Arctic Ocean

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