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Chinanews, Guangzhou, November 15 - since China's first "Viagra" - "Baiyun Mountain Jinge" (sildenafil citrate tablets) was launched, it has been the focus of the social test results of 2.1. In the one year since its listing, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. made its first public announcement of the performance of "Kingo" on the 15th. The sales of "Kingo" exceeded 700million yuan, and the actual sales volume has exceeded that of the original drug

lichuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., said that in addition to taking the lead in sales in China's domestic market, Kingo products' adverse criticism of the brand is also actively exploring the international market. At present, drug registration has been started in many countries

some data show that ED (erectile dysfunction) is one of the four diseases with the highest incidence rate of male reproductive system. The incidence of ED in Chinese men over 40 years old is about 46%, with about 127million patients. According to the data released by the survey of Chinese citizens' sexual welfare literacy, hardness and mutual satisfaction are considered to be very important in terms of orgasm and sexual life quality. Among them, 83.42% of the public choose hardness as the primary standard of orgasm, but only 6.97% of the people use formal western medicine to treat sexual welfare diseases

industry analysts also pointed out that "by carrying out popular science education, letting patients treat ed correctly and guiding ED patients to use drugs rationally, it will help to further release the market scale of anti ed drugs."

"Baiyun Mountain Jinge" was developed under the guidance of Dr. Murad, the Nobel Prize winner in physiology and the father of Viagra. Before the expiration of the patent of the original drug, the anti ed drug market in mainland China has been occupied by foreign brands. After its listing in 2016, Baiyun Mountain "Viagra" seized market share and broke the monopoly of foreign capital in the ED market

wangwenchu, chairman of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd., said that compared with the original product, "Baiyunshan Jinge" single drug amount decreased. The super rock block refers to the geological block of more than 60%, and the price of 10 capsules is 345 yuan a box, which promotes the market expansion. At present, more than 30000 individual pharmacies have completed the distribution, and strive to exceed 1billion yuan in 2017 based on the market retail price

previously, some people thought that the domestic drug was inferior to the original drug. The bioequivalence study conducted by Xiangya Hospital of Central South University showed that: "there was no significant difference in the absorption rate and degree between the same dose (100mg) of Jinge and Viagra under fasting and postprandial conditions. It is considered that there was no difference in the efficacy between Baiyun Mountain Viagra and the original drug Viagra

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