The most popular domestic toy export was frustrate

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The export of domestic toys was frustrated because the plastic packaging bags were not thick enough. [China Packaging News] recently, the European Commission's non food rapid warning system issued a consumer warning against the small pieces of China made Xia - in may2013, the ngf1 brand toy building blocks cityseries and police rescuers. The notification country of this case is Finland. As the plastic packaging bag of this building block is not thick enough (the average thickness is 0.027+/-0.004 mm), there is a risk of suffocation, which does not comply with the EU toy directive and relevant standards en. At present, Finland has rejected this product, which is also the self insulation of calibration results in CNAs cl01:2006 "accreditation criteria for testing and calibration laboratory capability" and jjf1069 ⑵ 012 "assessment specification for legal metrology verification institutions". In the use, it is mostly used for non bearing wall self insulation wall, which has stable thermal performance and is not affected by the construction quality; The construction operation is simple, avoiding the destructive effect of the second decoration on the internal insulation materials; It can solve the problem of wall thermal insulation of high-rise buildings; Through the design of material block structure, it can solve the problem of external wall leakage

Europe and the United States and other countries and regions have clear requirements for the soft plastic film and packaging bag of children's toys. Relevant EU regulations clearly stipulate that toy packaging shall not pose strangulation risk or suffocation caused by air blockage. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department should strengthen the inspection of the packaging thickness of exported children's toys in the daily inspection and supervision to improve the sense of enterprise and crisis

for this reason, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the relevant export enterprises: first, pay close attention to the quality standards and recall dynamics of the importing country, improve risk awareness, produce and test in strict accordance with the standards, and eliminate hidden dangers of export safety; Second, strengthen enterprise awareness, select honest and qualified suppliers, strengthen the acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials, and do not covet cheapness and bury potential safety hazards; Third, strengthen communication with inspection and quarantine to obtain information and technical support. For new products or products in doubt, contact the inspectors in time to eliminate hidden dangers in the bud and ensure the quality and safety of exported toys

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