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The domestic toluene market continued to decline

last week, the toluene Market in East China continued to decline by a big step. As of last Friday, the local mainstream transaction level should be confirmed: 0 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), with strong domestic pessimism and low trading atmosphere. At the opening of this week, the market atmosphere further weakened, and the market price still fell inertia. As of this Wednesday, the closing price of toluene in East China has been connected by two columns on the workbench and upper beam, which is RMB 000/ton. Market sentiment is unstable and there are few transactions

aftermarket analysis: as Dr. Han added: "during the opening day, the recent record low crude oil prices, on one hand, can respond more quickly to the impact of the continuous decline of the external toluene Market in the market and customer demand, it is expected that the toluene market will maintain a slight downward trend in the near future. (06.09.13)

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