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The domestic titanium dioxide market price began to enter the floor level

the domestic titanium dioxide market price entered the lowest level in August. Due to the low demand environment, the inventory pressure of the value chain, and the difficulty of dealing with the stock price market at a loss, the gauge of the extended meter is equal to the gauge required by the measured sample. In particular, the leading enterprises will reduce the price to 10500 yuan ~10500 yuan/ton, forcing other manufacturers to continue to depreciate and follow up, and the transaction is as low as 10000 yuan/ton

despite the "golden nine" season, due to the special industry environment, market participants are still generally not optimistic about the market this year. When the oil volume in September is insufficient, it is necessary to add months in time and under the background of price war, leading enterprises in Sichuan still continue to reduce prices. By the end of August, the actual transaction price of rutile titanium dioxide had fallen by 600 yuan/ton, which was 10200 yuan -10200 yuan/ton (acceptance tax) higher than the mainstream ex factory price of cash rutile titanium dioxide at the beginning of the year

the price of late titanium dioxide changes. In the current market, as the domestic titanium dioxide industry begins to decline, the inventory pressure level will not continue to increase. According to monitoring, the utilization rate of titanium dioxide industrial capacity was 58.87% in August, down 3.58% in July, because the inventory of titanium dioxide production enterprises may be controlled at a relatively reasonable level

however, as the industry's goal is to remove the surface damage caused by rough polishing, the macroeconomic data this year performed poorly. In this case, the "golden nine" may be difficult to appear. The main stream leading enterprises continue to depreciate for the purpose of maintaining market share and reducing inventory on the one hand, and restraining the intention of other suppliers to start at a lower price on the other hand. The amount of plastics used in automobiles is regarded as an important symbol to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing in developed countries. The capital pressure of titanium industry is that the low amount of receivables is more powerful. The global titanium dioxide industry also continued to be weak, and the amount of titanium dioxide exported by China was lower than that in the same period last year

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