There is still the last French romance you want

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You said that everything withers in winter, and even the air is cold and boring. Why not customize a set of French light luxury furniture for yourself, carry out the romance to the end, and start a family's freehand life

you said that everything withers in winter

even the air is cold and boring

why not customize a set of French light luxury furniture for yourself,

carry out the romance to the end and start a family's freehand life


love you, at a glance is ten thousand years

a beautiful porch, which can make people bright at the moment they push the door; The porch is equipped with shoe cabinets and dressing glasses to facilitate changing shoes and grooming when entering and leaving, which is beautiful and practical

living room

open and open, relaxed and free

the living room adopts an open spatial structure to broaden the vision, avoid the narrow sense of spatial layout, and make people feel better relaxed when they are in it

the color matching takes white as the main tone, and adopts the unique gold painting technique of French court style. Flowers and green plants are dotted in it, which makes it romantic and fresh

the TV cabinet is designed symmetrically, emphasizing the balance of style. The left and right cabinets are designed with both storage and decoration functions

wine cabinet

details highlight life taste

arranging wine cabinets in a corner of the home can not only find a suitable location for the beloved wine to store, but also well reflect the owner's life taste

the extended bar of the wine cabinet is designed to facilitate the taking and placing of drinks. How about having a drink with your friends in your spare time

master bedroom

Beige tone, romantic and warm

one door to top wardrobe design greatly enriches the storage space in the bedroom and easily meets the storage needs of the family

the romantic atmosphere of French style continues in the bedroom. The beige tone is simple and soothing, and the whole space is romantic and warm

second bedroom

tatami, beautiful and practical

the small space of the second bedroom can also be designed to be beautiful and practical. The intimate design of the perfect combination of tatami bed, wardrobe and locker can improve the comfort and storage in a straight line

the combination design of wardrobe, locker and tatami bed is the design highlight of the second bedroom. The door wardrobe and locker not only realize the rational use of space, but also facilitate the access of items, which is beautiful and generous

do you want to have this annual hot French luxury house





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