Roland style doors and windows this Tanabata send

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One morning, I went to the flower market, bought hundreds of lilies, and filled the house with them. In that quiet night, I opened the doors and windows of my family, sat in the dark, and quietly let the breeze blow the smell of lilies

-- Sanmao's "you are my inferior dream"

every festival about love

is to remind people who love each other

even if life becomes difficult and plain

love will continue to illuminate each other in our lives

the longest confession in life is company

Roland style doors and windows give you the most gentle company

I will accompany you to live your feelings along the way and give answers,

I will accompany you to turn loneliness into courage,

I will accompany you through every moment of life,

I will accompany you to meet that better person

quiet atmosphere, romantic living room, faint fragrance of flowers overflowing in the air, mottled light and shadow flowing in the air; The interweaving of shade and glaze gently deduces the eternal theme of love

it is decorated in simple and elegant colors, with a fresh and bright style. Delicate lines and elegant shapes shape the extraordinary beauty of the room. The doors and windows are quietly open, and you can look at the beautiful scenery on the auspicious day leisurely

Roland windows, thank you for being here all the time

I wish lovers will get married. Finally, I wish you all a happy Chinese Valentine's Day





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