Only smell the fragrance of flowers, not the smell

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What is the wonderful life of a family? You might as well close your eyes and meditate for a moment...

is it a lazy Japanese system that pursues minimalist aesthetics and warmth and tranquility? Is it a smart home where home products are interconnected, one click free remote control and accurately match the needs? Or is it a life research institute with one room, one world, and playthings that are not discouraged

good taste

after work every day, you feel "your body is hollowed out", and the moment you smell the breath of home, you can always be full of vitality in an instant! Can you enter the "super fast charging" mode, what is the magic of the good taste at home

ordinary but warm, can be very tolerant, there will be the burning smell of grandma stewing the dishes without looking at the time, the smell of cigarettes and alcohol from dad's entertainment, the smell of durian loved by grandma and mom but avoided by dad and children... But not everything is willing to be tolerant. After the decoration of the new home, the smell of paint that can be smelled before the door is opened will definitely attract the frown of the family

if you don't have to smile awkwardly on the day of joining the new house, you might as well choose nature's water-based lacquered wooden door. Paint doors have come out of the stage of life one after another. Nature's water-based paint wood doors use environmental friendly water-based paint, which is truly non-toxic and non irritating, so that the family is full of expectation when they step into their new home, only smelling the fragrance of flowers, not the smell of paint

beautiful voice

the magic of home not only has taste, but also the sound unconsciously constitutes a good life of home. And what kind of sound should a home have to be considered beautiful

it is impossible to have only one voice, and it is the beauty of home to be able to collide harmoniously. Just like Huangmei Opera in grandma's drama box, it won't delay grandson to watch his beloved animation. You firmly believe that "marriage is not a necessity, it's better to be proud and single to find a big pig's hoof", but it doesn't delay your mother's urging marriage

when the sound is too noisy, you need nature's water-based lacquered wooden door to keep you quiet. When you are upset, our mute lock softens the sound of your slamming the door. The 50mm thick door leaves room for each other to think. A thick door makes the home more warm, makes the ideas collide, and prevents the sound from exploding

beautiful appearance

some people love taste, some people are infatuated with sound, but more people are Yan Kong. What kind of beauty should a family have to charm a family

the door is the face of home, revealing the temperament and taste of home. Mother believes that girls' makeup can change day by day. Today is the makeup of the Royal sister, and tomorrow is the face of first love. Even if the hand painting is destroyed, it is an ugly day. But once the door doesn't agree, it can't be replaced until it's moved or decorated next time

good looking appearance can't be stereotyped. Natural water-based lacquered wood doors can be classic or fashionable, light and extravagant or minimalist. More master design series meet the picky aesthetic of the hostess, and the key point is that the styles are very beautiful

nature's water-based lacquered wooden door will point out a pleasing color for home decoration, brew a long aftertaste of home with tasteless space, and buffer the sound of collision into a harmonious melody. The door is tasteless, and the home is more delicious. We are willing to work with you to live a beautiful life





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